Company’s Mission
To provide consulting
engineering services
on transportation and
public works projects,
from concept planning
through construction,
with a highly skilled
and motivated
professional team
committed to
delivering excellent
services using
common sense and
practical experience.
About Us
What we do

Gabriel Franco, P.E. is owner and founder of Franco Consulting Engineers, LLC.
Mr. Franco has over 30 years of experience in highway design in the State of Indiana.  
His experience includes:

•        roadway alignment evaluation, selection and design

•        road construction and reconstruction along urban and rural sections

•        roadway widening, resurfacing, crack & seat, and rubblization

•        grade design for shoulder or curb and gutter sections

•        pavement design

•        drainage design, storm and sanitary sewers, and culvert replacements

•        sidewalks and bicycle paths

•        erosion control and rule 5 application

•        maintenance of traffic, guardrail design, pavement markings and signs

•        right-of-way design

      •        client communication and coordination

      •        design study reports, permit applications and design exceptions

      •        design calculations, intersection sight distance and quantity computations

      •        course of action assessment matrix

      •        special provisions, cost estimates and contract documents.  
Franco Consulting
Engineers, LLC